Eman Schools was founded in 2003 and since then no school library was available to the students. Not until Eman PTA took upon itself to gather all its resources and work hard to establish the School Library which was officially open to the students January 5th, 2012, after two years of preparations with more than 3000 books!

We are relatively new PTA unit and don’t have a lot of funds to work on a huge project like a library. But this didn’t stop us, we worked hard to raise money to buy books, hosted scholastic book fairs to take advantage of their book incentives, and put the word out to our parents and community and encouraged them to donate books. We labeled all the books with the help of our PTA members and entered them in the computer system using library software to make it easy for students to borrow and for teachers to keep track. We even have our vice president volunteer throughout the week as a librarian to help with the check out process.   We didn’t just buy any books but took the time and the effort to go through each book online and make sure that each book we buy is eligible for accelerated reading program that our school adopt in its curriculum and enforce as part of the requirements, so we labeled all 3000 books according to AR level and AR points which makes us so proud to be part of our students enrichment and success and we are continuing to sponsor the library indefinitely.

The National Standards that we met in establishing the library are:

1.            Communicating effectively with our e newsletter to keep school staff and parents posted with news and development of the library.

2.            Supporting student success; it’s a library, enough said!

3.            Sharing power with teachers and administration by encouraging input on the library’s content and process. The school board also donated the library computer.

4.            Collaborating with the community by encouraging businesses to sponsor our custom calendars as we advertised that all funds are used to build the school library which helped make this fundraiser a success. Also, a member of the community helped install the software.