Volunteering opportunities within Eman PTA

Please let us know if you will be interested in any of these chairs or to be a member of any of these PTA committees. DON'T WORRY, WE WILL HELP YOU Understand all what you need to know. Volunteering hours with PTA are counted towards your school volunteering hours.

1. Reflections Committee: encourage students to participate in the Reflections arts program in 5 categories: Literature, Photography, visual arts, film production and music.
The theme for next year: "The magic of a moment"
Chairman*:__________________________       Member:_______________________________
2. Citizenship Committee: encourage students to write an assay on matters of citizenship. Next years theme is: “How Can You Help People”
Chairman*:__________________________       Member:_______________________________
3. Legislative committee: Support, advocate and acknowledge bills/laws that serve our children. PTA is the reason why public schools have Kindergarten, bus services, lunch programs, libraries, childhood immunizations and much more. PTA will pay for conferences that help you understand these matters.
Chairman*:__________________________       Member:_______________________________
4. PreK and KG campus committee: Help communication from campus to PTA and organize PTA events
Chairman*:___________________________       Member:_______________________________

5. "Take your family to school week" committee: Help organize events that get families involved in the school (lunch and crafts with the parents, Career day, international night)
Chairman:____________________________       Member:_______________________________
6. Fundraising Committee: Help with ideas to generate funds for PTA events and activities.
Chairman*:__________________________       Member:_______________________________
7. Book Fair Committee: help organize and run Scholastic book fair
Chairman:____________________________       Member:_______________________________

8. Library committee: Label new books, enter them in the computer, and help students check books in and out
9. Volunteer Committee: find and organize volunteers for school and PTA events.
Chairman*:____________________________       Member:_______________________________
10. Gym Committee: Help organize any efforts to build Eman School Playground
Chairman:____________________________       Member:_______________________________

* chairman in this position is part of the executive board and required to attend monthly PTA meetings

Expired Opportunities
5/7 & 5/9-           3  Volunteers needed for Book Fair at Lantern Road Campus
5/8,5/10 & 5/11-  6 Volunteers needed for Book Fair at Allisonville Road  Campus.
5/7 to 5/11 -  Volunteers needed for Teachers Appreciation Week to bring various dishes
5/10 from 12:15-1:30pm: 12 volunteers for (Lunch Time supervision)
5/18                -  6 Volunteers needed for Lemonade Day.   (2:45pm)
5/23 from 9-12pm                 9 Volunteers needed for field day
5/25                               1 Volunteer needed to pass out stickers to students at Chuck E Cheese
Babysitters Needed Saturday 3/24 from 6:15pm-9:30pm During Fundraising
04/25 -               8  Volunteers needed for Colts Day.   (9-11:30am)
 04/27-               10 Volunteers needed who can read the Quran with Tajweed to help test the students for the Quran Competition.
1. Three volunteers are needed to babysit the young children at Alhuda Foundation during Eman School Fundraising night.
2. Three volunteers are needed to watch older kids at Eman School gym during fundraising.


One volunteer is needed every Wednesday at 12pm to help 3rd grade chek books in and out the library. You can choose any Wednesday available to you

Movie night 2/19 from 5-8pm (The Message)

Volunteer needed:
2 Volunteers to maintain order(all children watching the movie), no food in musala

(Open to all families, school and community)
A movie about Prophet Muhammad PBUH, Viewers¿½ discretion is advised due to some violent scenes
Pizza orders starts at 5pm and delivered at the end of the movie.

Chuck E Cheese Event 2/20 from 3-9

one volunteer needed to greet families and hand out 10 free token stickers to each child from 3-5pm

Bagels pick up from Einstein Bagels at Thursday 2/23 @2:50pm

 One volunteer needed to pick up Bagels at 8650 East 96th Street  Fishers, IN 46038

International Night Saturday, 2/25/2012


International Night volunteers needed:
1. Country Representative
2. Clean up after the event

If you are interested in representing your country, please contact Adriana and Sumaira at emanvolunteers@gmail.com
(volunteer hours will be considered)
A table will be designated for each country, Please bring posters, cloths or any items that represent your country. Families are encouraged to help students prepare a display from country of origin and dress in clothing of native country.
Bring ideas for culturally diverse games, we will be playing them!