Eman PTA has just received the Reflections competition results from Indiana State PTA and is proud to announce that our school has won a total of 16 wins mashaAllah, 4 first place wins: Abla Abu Mahfouz (for Photography & Visual Arts) and Raneem Hijazi (for Literature & Visual Arts) will proceed to compete nationally! We wish them all the best!
This is a great accomplishment and we hope all parents encourage their children to participate every year. Next year's Reflections theme is: “Let your imagination fly”

Winners of 2014/2015 Reflections program for the theme

The world would be a better place if” 2014/2015


First Place / Outstanding Interpretation: Raneem Hijazi 10th Grade

Second Place / Award of Excellence: Laila Abu Mahfouz 2nd Grade, Yaqoub Saadah 7th Grade, Fatimah Zatar 9th Grade

Third Place /Award of Merit : Zainab Siddiqui 2nd Grade, Ayah Moallem 3rd Grade, Alba Abumahfouz 5th Grade


Visual Arts

First Place / Outstanding Interpretation: Laila Abumahfouz 2nd Grade & Raneem Hijazi 10th

Second Place / Award of Excellence: Abla Abu Mahfouz 5th Grade,

Third Place / Award of Merit: Zainab Siddiqui 2nd Grade, Ruba Bakdash 7th Grade



First Place / Outstanding Interpretation: Laila Abumahfouz 2nd Grade

Second Place / Award of Excellence: Abla Abu Mahfouz 5th Grade

Third Place / Award of Merit: Raneem Yassin Kassab 2nd Grade, Ruba Bakdash 7th Grade

  Winners and their families are invited to attend the Reflections Award Ceremony and Luncheon on Saturday, May 2nd at the Marriott Hotel.  Eman School PTA will pay for the winners' lunch if they are attending the ceremony. Please send us an email at pta@emanschool.net  to confirm your attendance and we will reimburse you the cost of your child’s lunch only. Forms and checks should be mailed to Indiana PTA by parents before 4/18 to reserve seats.

A Step towards Hope

By Raneem Hijazi (1st palce weinner in Literature)

His feet pressing against the moving grey ashes

Surrounded by dying buildings

Smelling of smoke and sadness

While listening to the shrieks coming towards him

From different directions

Followed by the ringing of gunshots


Feeling terror as he runs but still moving on

To find one building

Grey and crumbling but still there 


He goes into the building

Hearing his footsteps echo 

Right hand curling around the trigger

When voices sound at the end of the hall


Entering the room

Where the voices came from

And finding a boy, swallowed by cold shadows of the filth ridden corner

With his knees pressed against his chest and shoulders hunched

Shivering as he clenches his ragged clothes

And looking at him with eyes like the moon


The soldier gasps, remembering the scene

He was trained to forget

Finger enclosing around the trigger

Pressing it towards him and feeling the bang

As it sends a shock through his body

Watching the woman in front of him fall back

Into blood soaked sand

Holding a white flag stained red


His eyes watering as he thinks

“What have I done?”

He drops the gun

And hears a clang

He holds out his hand

To the boy


At first hesitant he looks at him

Then seeing the tears trailing across

The soot on his face

The boy grasps it

Finding that it is warm