Congratulations to Imran and Raneem for being recognized nationally for their poems 2013/2014


Legacy in the River

By: Imran Hussain (6th grade)

National Award if Excelence

 Nelson, the young fish, woke up in its nest, feeling stranded in a muddy corner, Ancestors had lived and perished in these turbulent waters.

Sad, claustrophobic and full of despair,

Nelson dreams a dream of vast, clean ocean water.

Turning dream into action, Nelson hatches a plan,

Persuading a few close friends on a perilous migration,

weaving his dream into inspiration for their new life.

Life beyond muddy, turbulent, and tight quarters.

Braving the raging current, tumbling over the rapids,

The water moving at alarming speeds,

They had expected this to be a minor obstacle,

Now it seems a major threat,

Nelson leads his school through raging currents and predator infested waters,

Urging them on with stories of new freedoms and experiences.

Pushing back fears and doubts with the strength of his actions.

Pursued by sole predators at times and caught up amidst feeding frenzy of sharks, the little school of fish relied on their leader for guidance. Nelson, held together by his dreams and belief, always found a way.

In time, muddy waters giving way to the cool and clear.

The scared and doubtful now more believing and hopeful.

An old, nomadic turtle from the ocean ventured to the river,

He told a story of Nelson`s journey,

Turning life into legend, inspiring generations of fish in muddy, turbulent waters.

Fish struggling here realized the need for more Nelsons among them.

Nelson, like his namesake, Mandela had succeeded to pass the dream while showing a path.

The Orphan

By: Raneem Hijazi, 9th Grade

 National Award of Merit

The crack of a new world filled his senses

Towering mountains stood, touching the liquid sky

Blooming flowers, colors opening with the touch of shimmering light

Trees guarding the mountains ahead, holding branch swords

A sparkling palace - Sitting on the edge of its perch

Toes skimming the waves of rolling seas


He lies atop the white sand

Colorful shells, fragile and defenseless

Crabs tumbling around, looking for a new home

Steps of Hope engraved into the shore that cannot be washed away with sea foam

Relaxing into peace


But then he closes the book


The screech of the real world fills his senses

Monstrous planes flew, cutting the ashen sky

Deafening erupting bombs, flames burning all in their path

Green men desecrating shelters, holding metal guns

A crumbling house, falling into the phosphorous waters


He sits on the black rubble

Gazing at a doll, lost from her owner, surrounded by unknown shadows

A shattered vase lying next to a grenade shell

Dusty books, pages seared, turned by the cold wind

Smiling pictures of the past, framed in mud

But even through the dark and cold

He sees
There is a flickering light

Its radiance warm and inviting

Coming closer

Soon enveloping him

Inspiring him

 He picks up a pen and writes

The crack of a new world filled her senses