When Eman PTA decided to take over the playground project for
our school, we thought it would take us at least two years to fundraise and
build it. Our students were ”playing with leaves” for years during recess as
our gym teacher used to say describing how desperately our kids needed a place
to practice their childhood.

First, PTA donated $4500 for the playground fund and
advertised that fact to encourage everybody to participate. We approached our
parents at school and in our community hoping for a good start with big
donations. We were amazed on everybody’s response. Then we arranged for a
Jog-A-Thon event for the students where they ran, race and had fun. They were
so eager to compete and gather as much pledges from their families and friends so
they can be part of their dream playground, they managed to collect over $3000.
To our surprise, it didn’t take us 2 years to build the playground but less
than four months with over $26,200!! Our PTA went above and beyond to find the
perfect playground for our beloved students. We really wanted to make it a
surprise for them and asked the playground company to install it during winter
break to surprise them when they come back to school. And it happened!! You
have to see their little faces led up with joy and happiness once they saw
their playground, their screams were music to our ears.

Thank you to our parents, school administration and
teachers, muslim community and our students for all their wonderful donations,
help and support. Jazakum Allah Khairan