Thank you for volunteering in our school!  PTA is helping our families fulfill their 15 hour volunteering commitment by providing volunteer opportunities.
On this page you will find our list of volunteer events.   Please let us know where you want to volunteer.  There is also a Volunteer Hour submission form under Volunteer Information for tracking your at-home volunteer hours.
If interested, Please email

Volunteers Needed in the following:
We are once again in need of volunteers for the following events. For those of you who need to complete their hours before the end of the school year, well this is your last chance. Those of you who have already completed your hours but would still like to help out, your help is greatly appreciated. 

May 7th !
We ask parents to supervise their child’s class during teachers’ lunch and you will do an activity with the class from: 12:20-1:10pm for Allisonville Rd.
12:15-1:15pm for Lantern Rd Campus

Volunteer! This is the Lunch schedule; Please note that anything you bring or cook during this week can be considered as volunteer hours if you still need them.

Teacher Appreciation Lunch/Breakfast week
Volunteer Cooking time and materials ($10=1 volunteer hour)

Allisonville Rd Campus Lunch Schedule

(Please make food for 20 people and drop off at 10:45am in cafe) forms will be sent home!

May 13th Lunch: 1st Grade: contact Jumana Rimawi at

May 14th Lunch: 2nd Grade and 5th Grade: (contact Raushana Mohammad for 3rd Grade at  And Rania Rashid for 5th Grade at

May 15th Breakfast: 3rd Grade (contact Sabeen Shaikh at

May 16th Lunch: 4th and 6th Grade: (contact Mohammad Farooq for 4th Grade at  And Noha Awad for 6th Grade at

May 17th Lunch: 7th-11 Grade: (contact Miriam Alammuri for 8th grade at and Kholoud Alhaffar for High school at

For Lantern Rd Campus May13-17
Lunch/ Breakfast days will be divided among the 3 classes. Please fill in the form that will be sent home with your child regarding the food you are bringing or email your classroom parent below. Please make food for 5 people.

KG/ Miss Hunayda class (contact Fatima Ozdimir at

KG/Miss Eman class(contact Rehana Saifuddin at

Pre-K (contact Sabeen Hassan at

Field day, May 29th from 9:00am-12:30pm
Grades 1st-5th are having fun activities and crafts. Hotdogs and popcorn will be served.

Volunteer! Please email your child’s teacher to volunteer at his/her class

If you can’t volunteer in person, please consider buying buns, juice, chips, halal hotdogs or donate money. Each $10 of purchases or donations equal 1 volunteer hour. Please contact your child’s teacher for more information.

HS students are going to Kings Island. MS students still working on it!

A volunteer needed on April 26th at 12pm to sell popsicles to students from 1st-5th Grade at Holland Park
Babysitters Needed for Eman School Fundraising Event 4/14
April 14th from 5:15-9:45pm at Eman School plus 3 bonus hours for volunteering in this event 
Classroom Parents needed for each class:
A parent from each class is needed to help teachers to communicate with their classroom parents regarding various activities. This will also help during teacher appreciation week. hours will vary depending on the time you spend in contacting other parents and/or participating in the activities.
International Night Saturday 2/23
The following volunteers are needed:
A country representative: to contact people from their country and collect items related to that specific country and designate people to be on the table. 
Organizer/Coordinator: communicating with each country rep. and designate a table for them and organize the helpers.
Helpers: help Set the tables, run the kitchen (set for any brought in ethnic food), set the cafe, clean up and help in general.
If you are interested, please sign in one of the following with name, email and phone #:
1. I wish to be a country rep. and my country is:__________
2. I wish to participate in a country by bringing cultural items, my country is __________
3. I wish to be an organizer
4. I wish to be a helper
4. I wish to donate drinks and/or paper goods (Plates, forks, cups) each $10 worth of items equals 1 volunteer hour
Name:_____________________________, email_____________________________phone#______________

The volunteering time is from 5:30-8pm.
FYI The volunteer Coordinator for this event can easily earn their 15 volunteer hours.

Please remember that this event is not possible without your help and we will have to cancel it if we do not have enough volunteers.
Parents needed to supervise students during Jog-A-Thon event 11/5 and 11/6. You can choose to volunteer on your child's jog-a-thon time and day
Thursdays after 12pm and Fridays all day throughout the year (You can choose the days and hours)
to help students check books in and out the library.
Family Movie Night 10/19

Eight volunteers needed  Friday 10/19/2012 from 6:30-9:30pm at Eman School to organize, check parents in, snack sale, and clean up

PTA Store
Need one volunteer for the Allisonville campus, every third Tuesday of each month during lunch time from 11:20-12:35.
Expired/ Filled

Chuck E Cheese Event 9/21 from 3-9

one volunteer needed to greet families and hand out 10 free token stickers to each child starting at 3:00pm
PTA Store
For The Lantern Rd Campus, every third Thursday of each month from 2:30-3:00PM Please let us know if like to volunteer in any days.See PTA events tab for dates

Nickelodeon Worldwide Day of Play

One or 2 Volunteers are needed to great and organize the nickelodeon play day this Saturday 10/6 from 3-6pm at Holland park.
They need to be there at 3pm and try to reserve a good table, may be the covered picnic area if available and direct parents with dishes to put them there.
We also need a parent to bring paper goods (plates, cups and spoons) for the event (each $10 worth an hour)