Eman School continues to invest in the success of ALL eman students. The school have purchased the Study Island program for 2 main reasons.
1) to fulfill our commitment to the Indiana department of education of providing periodic assessment of our students. The assessment will be done every 2-3 months and usually takes about half an hour in math, LA, science and social study. The assessment will help the teacher guage academic growth and provide intervention when needed. Eman school would like to improve success rate in ISTEP and EOC exams to 100% and improve pass plus to 50%. We have already tested  ALL students 1st grade to 10th grade to provide baseline for the grade level.
2) Provide tool for enrichment 24/7. Teacher can assign objectives that are completely aligned to state standards. Every student can access the website: www.studyisland.com anywhere, anytime and input user name: firstname.lastname@eman and the passsword is provided by the teacher. Students can then change the password.
If you have any questions or difficulty please contact your child's teacher